Hello Devlopers

Thanks for the intrest in mycollege project,

To install this software folow the step mentioned below,

there are two ways two install this

install mycollege.war or pull code from git

Requiremnt for this project

1)Java 1.7 2)Tomcat 8.0 3)Mysql (You can use any RDBS as per your requirement like Orable,Posgress,MSSQL)

Steps for installation

1) Download mycollege.war 2) Copy this to tomcat webapp directory 3) got inside mycollge folder under WEB-INF/jdbc open change your mysql username ,password & url of database if it is remote or you can also use your local db. 4) open your favourite browser open http://localhost:/mycollege

install from code pull code from git(url mentioned above) import maven project clean install go to target foler of the project and copy war file

depoloy to tomcat as mentioned as above

For any query you can write to /

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