During the COVID-19 pandemic, me and my family’s lives have changed drastically. My family’s journey through the pandemic and how we changed our lifestyle to be healthy as possible despite the negative effects that COVID had, like self-isolation and social distancing, inspired me to motivate others to do the same. I know that many would like to start a healthier lifestyle but they do not know where to start and what resources to use. That’s where MyCoach comes in to the playing field.

👉🏼What it does👈🏼

MyCoach is an all in one service designed for users who would like to improve their health and wellness. MyCoach supports both physical and mental health so we offer a variety of resources for both.

Challenges we ran into

Some challenges I ran into were the login system as I had not used firebase before and had no familiarity with it. Another challenge was trying to complete the website in time with all the components that I had envisioned. Unfortunately, I was not able to fulfill all of them but the main ones were completed. I worked by myself on this project and that posed to be the biggest challenge for me as it would've been very helpful to have feedback.

🏅Accomplishments that we're proud of🏅

I am very proud of the login system and online journal as it took the most time and effort. I had never done something like both of them before and being able to complete it was very satisfying and make me proud. I was very happy with the way the login system worked despite the struggles I faced with creating it. I am also very proud of the interaction between pages and all the resources we have for others to use on their personal health and wellness journey. This project was mostly focused on giving back and sharing my experience so I'm very happy that I got to share some tips and resources focusing on varied topics in health, like diet and stress.

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