After a long cold winter, we want to know when the warm weather is coming, and so we can go out and enjoy dates. When we use weather maps, Siri, and Google, it's really tiring to scroll down to the expected weather or Siri and Google do not remind as if our expected weather is coming. Now, here is MyClimate which solves those hassle.

What it does

The user needs to set his/her weather preferences and the app reminds the user if the same weather coming

How we built it

We used OpenWeatherMap API for the map and Java and SQLite in Android for notifications and weather evaluation.

Challenges we ran into

While creating the app, the two main problems we have are how to score the weather according to the user's input and remind the user when the same weather is coming.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We could display the live-data weather map using openweathermap API, and we could make the hassle-free reminder app which notifies the user to plan ahead with the weather.

What we learned

Creating a real-world problem solving app needs to go beyond the class lectures.

What's next for MyClimate

We will add the speech recognition feature to be more hassle-free in user input and develop GUIs.

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