We really appreciate to have Owen from Spotless Cleaning to help us understand the cleaning problems which includes · $6-$10 million labour cost for customers

· Needs of maintaining high client satisfaction

· Prevent social media backlash and liability issues.

With a deep understanding and analysis of the problem, this help us to create an inspiration about myCleanliness.

What it does

myCleanliness is a comprehensive cleanliness platform to improve labour productivity and reduce number of cleaners to generates cost saving of $100k - $250k p.a. plus improves ability to manage reputation of Spotless & their clients. Cleaners have a smart watch to direct them to the nearest cubicles, urinals or bins that require cleaning (Uber Style). Manager can see heat map of entire venue to allocate cleaning resources, review cleaners' performance and understand / manage customer satisfaction and frustrations.

How we built it

We utilised a Raspberry Pi and an ESP8266 wifi module with ultrasonic and accelerometer sensors to record asset status into our custom back-end server. The sensor data is utilised along with google map’s APIs to develop intelligent route planning to direct cleaning staff to the closest asset that needs attention. We have a complete working solution that we can demo of our bin sensor platform.

Challenges I ran into

One of the challenge we faced were initially, our team lacks of differentiation factors from other similar products. However, after more brainstorming and understand the problems better, we managed to come out with MyCleanliness.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We managed to combine the team and get everyone works together to produce the technology, business and design of the things in just 2 days. This includes the smart IoT watch, app, customer surveys, mangers desktop and adaptable low cost sensors on each bin and toilet cubicles/ urinals and the business model through the Lean canvas model and understand the user better with user journey mapping.

What I learned

Iterate, iterate, iterate. We learned how to listen to others opinion and improve our ideas along the way. Their input has been very valuable to help us develop a solution that is commercially viable, feasible and desirable by the customers

What's next for myCleanliness

1) Better business Model: The current system also allows us to increase cleaners’ productivity by reward those cleaners that perform well based on the data leading to lower cost in providing cleanliness service.

2) Energy saving: We could also incorporate energy saving into the system by having the sensor connect to the light bulb.

3) Analytics data: We can incorporate social media data (e.g. Facebook and Twitter) to our current cleanliness system to understand the customers’ satisfaction and frustration and could even use this to create a new business model where Spotless could potentially negotiate a new agreement with ChadStone to clean their shopping mall, not clean it every half a hour, which significantly save lots of money,

4) There is big opportunity to tap into the cleaning industry since the latest technology hasn’t been applied to this area effectively yet. But there are lots of demand from shopping malls around the world as they also need to ensure clean experience at an affordable price, prevent social media backlash and maintain high customer satisfaction in the cleanliness. Thus, we have the opportunity to move to other customer segments like hospital, university and etc. after we have capture the retail industry.

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