Inspiration......We always talk about flushing money down the toilet, but Americans really are throwing money on curb every time they take out the garbage.

What it does ..MyChef is an app that allows the average household family to reduce food waste and save money spent on groceries.

How we built it...We used JavaScript to program amazon Alexa Dot.

Challenges we ran into...We didn't know our target audience and we also had to learn a new programming langauge.

Accomplishments that we're proud of.....Being able to address problem that most of the Average American household face.

What we learned....We learn how to program Amazon Alexa dot and how to work as a team. We specialized on various tasks to be more effiecent throughout the Hacking process.

What's next for MyChef....

It will be more advanced to the point where it can also analysis the calorie of each food to provide healthy options while it's reducing food waste and saving money spent on groceries.

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