I personally love home cooked food but hate cooking. I miss my mom's food. However, I remembered that there was a time when my mom, as a homemaker, used to cook extra food on the side to sell in the local area. There are people looking to make money from the extra food they want to make just like my mom, and there are people like me wanting home cooked food. Therefore lets bridge the gap!

What it does

It provides a platform for cooks to sign on to the app and feature food they are cooking for the day. On the other hand it provides a user a platform to find food gourmet home cooked food at any time they want. The application using the Plaid api also understand the users past spending habits on food and gives suggestions on the food the user should try. The application also uses the uber api to estimate the distance and cost of a trip to the location of the food.

How I built it

We built the app all in the android studio, referencing api's as needed. We made http posts to the Plaid api and utilized a wrapper for the uber api to implement in the java language used in Android. All of the layouts were designed in Android studio using the editor provided.

Challenges I ran into

The biggest challenges we ran into involved managing the networking for the different api's we used. Small issues such as thread cross over and outdated jar files can create large issues when trying to test different features of the application. As a result we had to be very careful in how we made our requests to our services.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

This is a project we truly believe in and we feel proud that we made a product that I believe can be very useful. Technologically we felt most proud of how we were able to use the different api's encouraged by mentors at PennApps to create features that we normally would not have used previously. The plaid and uber features really make this application unique from other "for x" service apps and we feel proud for the higher analytics we provide.

What I learned

We learned that design can be the toughest yet most important part of a project. Creating the layouts and designing the interface was tedious and difficult. However, even as we went through the user experience we realized how important a clean and appealing design was for generating interest in the utility. Another important point we learned was that one should really plan out a workflow for a user experience thoughtfully before jumping into development. Technologically we learned a lot about android development. Overall we feel a lot more comfortable and adept and developing android applications.

What's next for MyChef

We have a strong base application. However, we need to set it up to scale. To do so we need to start working to build the platform up enough that we can sign on cooks to be on the application in the future. This will require a large marketing effort however we are confident that once we start developing our product to scale and also provide this strong base for generating income, workers will come!

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