Custom AR lens for mimicking the perfect post wisdom tooth surgery removal look


Created with the Lens Studio


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Realizing that the support of my amazing friends could get me through the pain.

Development timeline

Patch 5.77 Latest Version

After round 3 user feedback, many reported a high satisfaction with the emulated results, with a whopping NS score of 89.

Patch 3.14

After round 2 user feedback, users reported visible puff, more similar to the day 2-3 of recovery (i.e. peak swelliness). However, some reported that the filter only served to enhance their masculine features of a sharp rectangular jawline.

Patch 1.01

After round 1 user feedback, some reported no noticeable face swelling, only an enhanced jawline. Improving our user's appearance was not the goal, so the puffiness was enhanced.

Patch 1.00

Beta version release after having my parents briefly come into my room and look at my camera, as with my pre-swollen cheeks I had difficulties evaluating how the lens was working

Built With

  • lens-studio
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