My Challenge Solinca is a innovative app completely developed in Portugal that fully embodies the concept of e-Fitness, allowing the users to monitor their workouts, anywhere and anytime. You just have to register your training results (in a simple and intuitive way), performed in any gym equipment, to get the most important indicators, such as the burnt calories associated with the training session. Share the information in social networks and create your own league with friends, or simply with yourself trying to beat your own previous records.

My Challenge Solinca will challenge all users to reach further, go harder and be the fastest through constant challenges and recognizing that efforts assigning specific badges. There are 10 categories and 100 badges to obtain and share.

Record your progress step by step and do some exercize to overcome yourself! See what progress you've made, what is missing for you to get there and collect personal victories. Raise the bar to your own challenges!

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