In the world of tech, where everything is being handled by tech and machines. Still there are many things in which people gets entangled in one way or the other and one of those are passwords. In today's era, passwords play a vital role, every bit contains password. But till now there was no feature by which we do not have to remember a single that is no password. The loophole of learning passwords inspired us deeply and here MyChabi is with the "No password objective."

What It does?

MyChabi does everything one needs while dealing with passwords. It can generate a password, check strength of any password and save them too. As SAWO LABS API is used so one doesn't need to recall a single password.

How we built it?

We used HTML for structuring.

CSS, Tailwind and Bootstrap for styling. Along with JavaScript, JSON, GibberishAES and SAWO LABS API.

Challenges we ran into

Since we were new to API so it's whole implementation including learning, integration etc. was challenging in itself that too in short span. Also, the password encryption part was challenging too.

We weren't able to copy the decrypted password and also JavaScript was sending error as encrypted string was too long for JSON to hold. One more challenge, we are heavily sleepy at this moment (time - 3:52am)


The project is accomplishment in itself. As obvious, when we take over the challenging part then no achievement can be bigger than that. So, the password encryption and dealing with APIs were actually like cherry on the cake.

What we learnt?

Along with technical things like API and other stuff we used in MyChabi, we learnt some real-life lessons - working in time bound state, with full coordination with mates and most importantly project and time management.

What's next?

Since MyChabi is real life completely practical project. There's no need to remember a single password. Even when passwords are saved in password manager then we need to remember one password but here we remove that case too. So, due to its amazing functionality we are actually thinking to make it an extension which can be used in every browser and anywhere.

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