What is your personal Eco-Driver score? How fuel friendly are the routes you drive? How does the combination of your Eco-Driver score, your routes, and your climate combine to impact your overall fuel economy?

The MyCarma - OpenXC - Personal Fuel Economy Label answers those exact questions. It will also help you identify which new Ford vehicle best fits those personal driving habits.

At its core, this app targets the "actual results may vary" problem by helping you understand your personal driving habits and estimating fuel consumption on new Ford vehicles based upon those personal driving habits. It is basically making an EPA fuel economy label, FULLY based upon how and where you actually drive.

The app connects to a driver's current Ford vehicle using OpenXC-compatible hardware, and after collecting data for a week, MyCarma OpenXC informs the driver of their personal fuel economy and how much they could save on fuel with their next vehicle purchase.

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