myCare2x is a Hospital Information System (HIS) and Electronic Medical Record (EMR) System designed for all administrative, medical and nursing records work in healthcare institutions like hospitals, caregivers and doctors’ offices.

For this event we configure the system as a webpage where the user can check his conditions of covid infection. If there are any suspicions items registered, the system recommend either to go to a doctor or to create it's own medical record. An EMR where the patient or his relatives can record medication, vital signs and any diseases. If it comes to a serious infection, these data can be easily transferred to hospitals or treatment centers by international's standard interfaces like HL7, FHIR etc. If not possible the patient can give access to the treatment staff.

As a cloud based system, myCare2x can easily be configured for the patient registration and documentation in field hospitals or in hospitals additional to other HIS.

A mobile version allows to work bedside and with speech integration elder people can use it without PC knowledge.

Integration of voice and text chat allows exchange with specialists while AI integration helps non specialists with diagnostic hints based on Xray images.

mycare2x is installed international, most in developing countries but also in a few hospitals in Germany.

Our international team of medical informatics and medical and nursing students helps us to enhance the system daily.

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