An app intended for people with anxiety that shows calming GIFs. The user can input whether or not the gif was helpful, and the app will soon learn their preferences. This differs from other anxiety-reducing apps on the market because this app works with the user instead of preaching pseudoscience or any one-size-fits-all solution.

Tech stack: React Native, Expo, JavaScript


  • Simplistic interface designed to be easy to use for all ages, even during anxiety attacks
  • All GIFs in the app are rated "G" in GIPHY's ltrating system, offering peace of mind to:
    • Parents and caregivers who want to have the app on their devices to calm down fussy/anxious children
    • Anyone wishing to avoid NSFW content for various reasons
  • No intrusive questions about symptoms or PHI (protected health information)
  • Person-centric approach rather than cure-centric approach

How to use: You can try out the app on your phone by scanning the QR code found in the image gallery in the Expo app on your phone. Simply open the app and if the GIF displayed has a calming effect on you, press the green "Yes" button to see more GIFs like it in the future. If it does not have a calming effect on you, simply press the red "No" button and you'll be less likely to see GIFs like it in the future.

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