COVID has come and it might be here a while. It's time to take action to protect the health of ourselves and the people around us. Using this social distancing app you can take an extra health precaution and always know when your personal bubble has been popped. Keep yourself distanced in busy grocery stores, doctor’s offices, your favorite coffee shop, you name it!

What it does

MyBubble uses echoAR's cloud platform and your mobile camera to help you social distance. Our "for me" feature allows you to see where your bubble is. This will help you keep 6 feet and make sure no one is in your bubble. The "for us" feature helps you maintain a socially distanced environment by showing bubbles that are 6 feet a part for users to occupy. You and your friends can have fun while staying safe. Businesses can enforce safer social distancing spots.

How we built it

We created the bubbles using tinkercad, a 3D modeling program. We then uploaded the 3D model into echoAR's platform. HTML and CSS were used in designing MyBubble. A great way to promote health for everyone! Make sure no bubble is popped!

Challenges we ran into

Understanding how to use echoAR was a bit tricky, as we were trying to edit images in Unity and use them in echoAR. While we spent time learning how to use Unity in order to create an exact measured distance between bubbles, we eventually decided to use tinkercad and echoAR for a quick and visual demonstration of how our application should work. We were able to resize the bubble to better visualize what it should look like.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are so proud that we were able to create a functional app that comes close to what we set out to accomplish! We all had no experience with AR or echoAR prior to this, and it was fun to dive in and try it out!

What we learned

This was our first time trying augmented reality and we enjoyed learning something new. A lot goes into designing AR/VR applications, but there are many frameworks and platforms out there (like echoAR) that can help make this an easier process!

What's next for MyBubble

We'd like to implement the exact measurements, and the ability to save your bubble placements for easy access later. We would also love to see this used in a business, where there could be QR codes they use to find the correct place to wait and implement proper social distancing.

Viewed best on mobile devices!

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