Inspiration: We were inspired to create a product that would be useful in everyday life in the average household and also contribute to environmental sustainability.

What it does: Our product responds to voice activation to change the amount of light let in through one's window blinds.

How I built it: We used the Amazon ALEXA technology as our voice recognition system. We coded a raspberry pi to a servo motor to accomplish the function of lowering and raising the blinds.

Challenges I ran into: We had trouble communicating between ALEXA and the raspberry pi. It was also challenging to learn new software and programming languages, such as javascript.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of: We are proud of our ability to combine our varying talents as beginners to create something very useful and functional.

What I learned: We learned about the importance of teamwork and perseverance! Also, since we are all beginners in mechanical engineering and software development, we gained an amazing introduction to many important skills in these fields.

What's next for MybrIghT: In the future of MybrIghT we hope to adapt it to adjust to varying degrees of lighting in the room. We also hope to install an automatic setting that would respond to a photoreceptor rather than voice activation.

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