Healthcare is changing with time, shifting from hospitals being reimbursed from the number of patients in hospital beds to moving to a holistic value based care with shared savings. We have a large issue with patients being readmitted because of a number of variables which cost both the hospital and patient time and money. People are often discharged without the necessary things checked out. And since people usually rush out of the hospital, they often do not have the proper education on their medication.

What it does

Our application is the solution to this problem. MyBridge acts as a point of reference until the following appointment of the patient. It operates under a rigorous pre-discharge checklist which addresses one of the main problems at hand, making sure the patient gets everything cleared away before discharge. The easily accessible calendar keeps the patient informed and updated on the medication they are to take, which is available right on the home-page. The type of medication and time can be changed by the clinician while patients can view them. A push notification is also sent out as a reminder to the parents of the patient during the time of administering. The app will have features of scheduling follow-up calls and appointments which are often necessary after discharging the patient.

How we built it

We coded the user interface using Android Studio and prototyped on Microsoft PowerPoint.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

This app is an organized location where the patient can find their treatment overview. We will have embedded links to video tutorials for frequently asked questions about the medication being administered which will save time for the hospital and clinicians. Not only does this app help eliminate the lack of communication between patient and physician, it builds a customer-friendly and responsive format that advances the entirety of UPMC’s health platform.

What's next for MyBridge

Our end goal is for the features of MyBridge to be integrated into the existing UPMC patient portal (MyUPMC), enabling patients to access secure user information and communicate with their doctors.

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