Looking for a specific item or an information online sometimes required users going through too many steps to get to the final search result that they want. Eventually, users end up opening numerous web browser tab without finding the satisfying result. Also, seniors often need to spend a tremendous amount of time on their computers trying to find their way to the result that they want to search for. We want to shorten all that process and ensure that users will have exactly what they look for in just a keyword or a command away.

What it does provides a very human way to get assistance through a chat interface. We combine many useful APIs to give MyBot.Io these amazing features:

  • Respond like a person
  • Understand command for certain tasks including but not limited to:

. video & music search through tthe bot without going through search engines to find the right website

. item search without looking for the best online store to buy

. translate with normal texting

. simple weather checking using current location

. play piano

What I learned

Nodejs, AngularJs, underscore,, various APIs usage: walmart, youtube, cleverbot.

What's next for

Extend it so that can be specified for specific use such as filling out forms while collecting user's profile with instant assistance. This feature could be extremely useful for mobile users.

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