Every weather app in the AppStore is the same. What about the people who expects funny and cute apps? Yes, to check the weather too!

How it works

There is a dog -myBoo-, who is your new best friend and your personal weather forecaster. He reacts to the in cold days, rainy days, or very warm days, you have to pet him and put the proper clothes on him to be comfortable. If not.

Some technologies used:

SpriteKit OpenWeatherMaps API Geocode and reverse Geocode MapKit Facebook API Parse Backend iOS 8 Extensions (Today extension) Google Analytics

Challenges I ran into

Sprites, animations, weather api, location accuracy and translations...Using spriteKit from the beginning when there were not too much documentation.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Getting 5 stars ratings in every country with reviews. So proud of my little dog :)

What I learned

How to make an idea become a 5 star app with effort, analytics, clean code and good APIs

What's next for myBoo Weather app

Make something viral to spread the word

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