Urban environments can be loud but MyBell provides customized audio notifications at high volumes. MyBell combines both Audio and Visual signaling on one platform which can be customized by the user. MyBell's attachment mechanism allows it it fit nearly any bicycle including bike shares in NY and Chicago.

Our Software controls our custom designed circuit board and allows for users to actuate two different sound files with the press of a button. If the button is pushed once it activates sound file 1 which we think would be used for more urgent situations while two presses activates the second sound file which we believe would be used for for less urgent and friendlier situations.

MyBell is a solution for any situation a cyclist may encounter. This also applies for those in scooters or people with disabilities who may attach MyBell to their mode of transportation.

Built With

  • atmel-studio
  • embedded-c
  • hardware
  • lufa-library
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