Original idea of MyArea was to create a local community finder tool for people to search local businesses, services, events, incidents, alerts, petitions and other local news. MyArea is the place to discover what’s new and noteworthy in your city or neighborhood and the place to post news, comments, pictures about what’s happening around you. We focus on making it easy to post local incidents, alerts, help requests, petitions, local services and making it easy to comment, share pictures, videos about existing incidents, alerts, requests and services. Instead of taking traditional social media platform's approach to organize by hashtags, titles or topics, we organize simply by location, ON THE MAP. Every dot, every place on the map is an xPoint there is a Public Chat associated with every xPoint, whether it is an alert, an incident, a help request or a local business. Access to public chats are free, people can post, comment and share uncensored. There is more... People on the map. You can be a mobile business, a GIG worker. Place yourself on the map, create a gig, describe what you can do, what your skills are and share your current device's location. Posted tasks and help requests will be matched to a nearby gig worker, service provider or business.

Under current conditions caused by COVID-19, being socially distant will limit our daily life activities and people will feel the need to compensate virtually. In order to minimize the risk of being exposed to infection, people need to stay home and solve their needs remotely. Why go to local grocery store if you can simply look at the map and see who is currently in that store. Ask him to send you a picture of the shelves. Need something from pharmacy? Check the map who is currently inside pharmacy or nearby pharmacy, ask him to pick what you need and drop it by your door. Using MyArea app you can talk to a stranger you currently see on the streets. Need to talk to your neighbor? Open MyArea app and find your neighbor on the map, see his Online Status, when he was "Last Seen" Send him a message or call him directly in the app, using our in-app VOIP video/audio calling.

In current quarantine situation in our society, the need for such an app is dramatically increased. We need to get involved because we see the features we have already built can help us fight the virus by helping everyone accomplish what they need with less interaction, less exposure and less personal contact.

It will help us defeat the infection with simple tools we have in our hands - a device with GPS navigation, with a powerful photo/video camera and connected to the internet.

Let’s use what we have in our hands. In our hands we have our devices. It's a powerful tool that will help us keep the distance and still fulfill our need.

Together we can defeat this unprecedented virus!!! We need to take this seriously. Everyone should follow these rules:

The rules are simple. Stay at least 12 feet away. Use your device to interact with people around you.

  1. If you are at risk, stay isolated. Install MyArea app and open a Help Request for anything you need.
  2. If you've recovered, you are not at risk and you can help others, please Install MyArea app, Register as a Help Provider, share your location on the map and look for help requests posted by people around you.

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