• You just finished another great anime (Black Butler perhaps? Blue Exorcist or maybe Death Note?)
  • And you're looking for another anime to jump into?
  • Well you've come to the right place!
  • Head over to to find another great anime to dive into!
  • Start clicking on the titles of different animes that you loved watching
  • Our algorithm will give you the perfect anime based on your taste

What it does

  • You give it Anime you loved in the past
  • MyAnimeButler will give you anime you will love in the future

How we built it

  • Found a dataset on anime and their user ratings by scouring the internet
  • Wrangled the dataset containing 1 million + values for a format suitable for a web application
  • Built ranking algorithms to find the users that are most similar to a new user given the anime they all liked
  • Built recommendation algorithms to suggest an anime the new user will like
  • Deployed in a web application, created with the Flask framework in Python

Challenges we ran into

  • the data is inconsistent because we dropped some rows due to the memory limits of our computer
  • this required us to add a lot of error handling

Accomplishments that we are proud of

  • building something from scratch in one weekend
  • creating a usable minimum viable product

What we learned

  • time management is very important and needs to be thought more of in the future

What's next for MyAnimeButler

  • improving the user interface
  • increasing amount of data in the algorithm

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