Inspiration 💡

Anime is gaining a lot of popularity, with global demand growing 118 percent over the past two years To benefit from the growing market, we decided to make MyAnimeArchive, an online platform to review anime episodes. With this application, anime ratings can be found in a more centralized location, where like-minded anime watchers can connect and share their experiences.

What it does 📺

First, visit our landing page and create an account. After an account is created, users may sign in. They can look for any anime in our database and select the episode they watched so that they can give it a rating from 1 – 10. Users may also mark certain amines as favorites. The user profile will keep track of updated statistics such as watched and completed episodes, favorite amines, and recent ratings made. They may also write a quick about me section to let other reviews know who you are.

How we built it 🔨

MyAnimeArchive was developed in React using JavaScript and HTML/CSS for the frontend. For the backend, we implemented a Flask server using Python. For certain tasks, we implemented RabbitMQ with Celery, sending tasks to be completed asynchronously. Lastly, we stored all data in a MySQL database and normalized data for scalability purposes.

Challenges we ran into 🚩

Challenges we ran into include getting all the necessary data to create a viable product. Since there are a lot of animes, each with its own complex metadata, it was crucial that we gathered all the correct information in an efficient and effective manner.

Accomplishments that we're proud of ⭐

We are proud of the fact that we were able to connect difficult concepts such as RabbitMQ and Celery with our previous Full Stack Development knowledge. Having the ability to send tasks to work queues will no doubt aid us in the future and each team member is content with the fact that we were able to add new skills to our Software Development skill sets.

What we learned 📚

Due to the complex and detailed aspects of our application, we felt it was appropriate to have a detailed GitHub readme. We learned how to style GitHub readmes to show API references and stylized instructions on how to run the application among other components. All in all, we learned how to translate raw text into a visually appealing graphical output.

What's next for MyAnimeArchive 🚀

The next steps for the project would be to expand the available library of animes that users can rate. This would ultimately include more database entries. With the anticipation that more users will use this application, it would be beneficial to migrate to a web service architecture model to accommodate the increase in web traffic. This would mean implementing a series of different web services, in our case multiple Flask APIs to run in parallel, each doing their own different thing for the project.

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