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The internet Passport

We have domains for refering uniquely to websites, but there is no a system to identifiy people accounts over the internet. In many occassions, anybody don't know to whom belongs a particular account. With myAlias, this problem is solved by mapping all the accounts from a user into one alias.

Different services, always the same username

It is a dificult task to get the same username when registering in a new online service, specially in social networks. For companies is vital to be easily indentified to transmit brand unit. Furthermore, people wants to be quoted fast and not to remember each username for each social network.

Remember complicated cryptocurrency addresses

When using bitcoin, or other cryptocurrency service, normally addresses are too long, extending more than 25 characters. It would be easier to just type "!@david" in order to send some money to your friend instead of 0x34324N-042x24N-432yt-0x34424N.



Verify the alias and its accounts with our web application.

Google Chrome Extension

Replaces automatically alias by user account, automatically, depending the current website.


Web services can integrate myAlias directly with their system.

How we built it

With love!

We did very short iteration to achieve the MVP, always having in mind that we should have some working product ready to work.

The hack consist in an AngularJS webApp, connected through a server that communicates with Algolia in order to do the searches and provide a restful API. Also it connects to NEM blockchain system to store alias registering transactions.

Also we have built a Chrome Extension to replace alias easily in different social networks.

Benefits of Using NEM Blockchain


Once the alias is timestamped in the blockchain, the alias owner of the account is always tracked and never lost.


Users are able to review any transaction at NEM blockchain, providing transparency and veracity.

What's next for myAlias

  • Transferable alias
  • Editable alias
  • Buy an alias
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