WarlordTim grew up in Uganda. He controlled many jungles and loved to terrorizing the locals. One day while he was raiding tourists traveling through the jungle he met a beautiful woman. He immediately fell in love with her and she helped him create a resume on Monster. He was soon contacted by a Fortune 500 company and landed an awesome new job.

What it does

Helps with common tasks around the office like ticketing, business development, and corporate goals

How I built it

Used node, GitHub, Alexa, S3, and AWS Polly

Challenges I ran into

Integration with Polly

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Team effort and integration of several AWS technologies

What I learned

AWS Alexa and Polly skills - capabilities and functions, lot to learn and can develop great apps soon

What's next for myAlexaHack

Continue to improve the skills and develop innovative apps

Built With

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