I'm tired of ads and promoted results. Is there a way to personalize search right where the intuition of search sits - in Google Chrome?

How it works

  • After installing the extension, sign-up (free) and seamlessly create your Mya profile, where you can specify your channels (i.e. sources of information like, Evernote and more).
  • The extension installs a teal Mya icon (2 leaves) next to the address bar.
  • Now, you're ready for discovering relevant results with Mya.

Things you can do with Mya:

  • On any webpage, click the Mya Extension icon to find results from that webpage.
  • When on Google, Yahoo or Bing, a "Load Mya Results" button on the bottom right allows you to weave in your personalized results with whatever search query you have running.
  • In the omnibox (addressbar), type "mya" and hit tab to run results directly.
  • Select a word or a phrase and right-click to get a context menu item fetch Mya results in a new tab.
  • Right-click a phrase to schedule and invite others to collaboratively discover with Mya!
  • Discuss with others on the same keyword using Disqus plugin - automatically integrated with Mya & Chrome.

Challenges I ran into

  • Intertwining with DOM on Google, Yahoo and Bing with smart detection scripts
  • Keeping session experience uniform and making the plugin ubiquitous for the user
  • The extension needed server-side processing to increase speed.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • Building the plugin with ZERO Extension programming experience.
  • The value of Mya's plugin is huge - it has become a habit for me now -- saves me time and headaches!
  • Results on certain sites (try are better with Mya than their internal search!

What I learned

  • DOM Editing with Chrome
  • Omnibox is powerful, but intuitively tricky
  • Having a server side

What's next for Mya's Extension for Chrome

  • Adding more channels by using the Open ID capabilities
  • Allowing users to share and pre-plan searches for the future (Reminders)

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