There's so much knowledge that flows through and sits in our mailbox - articles, conversations, jargon-rich blurbs, meeting memos and links (yes, we all know that coworker who sends us the "Check this out" email with a link - sometimes it's a useful article, other times is a cat video).

Plus, there are hidden knowledge needs that get triggered in subtle ways - peers sharing buzzwords, bosses sending memos and development goals, job sites emailing new job postings and more.

It's easy to get tangled in this plethora of information and the searches they spark - and end up in a million browser tabs, dodging promoted content and end up with hours of lost productive work-time. (here's an intro video)

There has to be a better way to manage the knowledge from your inbox in a hyper-productive experience.

Introducing Mya for Office365 - the perfect knowledge companion to your Outlook inbox that efficiently lets you delegate, research, assign and manage knowledge-work!

What it does

Mya is a personalized knowledge platform that uses cognitively smart checklists to fetch relevant work-related information in a time-saving experience. Learn more about the core platform here.

With Mya for Office365, we are introducing an Office365 Outlook add-in and OneNote+OneDrive integration (Office365 API) that knowledge-work super productive:

  • Convert articles, links, conversations - ANY email message - to a Mya checklist of concepts that you can research later, assign to peers.
  • Take notes of organizations, people and articles for future reference.
  • Mya learns your knowledge tastes & acumen - with the Outlook Add-in, you can peek into the contents of an email and see relevant insights (e.g. how conceptually relevant is the email to my current knowledge needs, am I an expert on the contents of the email and more)
  • With this project, we've also incorporated OneDrive and OneNote Office365 APIs to fetch relevant cloud assets for a user's Mya checklist - no more dancing between browser tabs or apps to find the right file at the right time.

Powered by IBM Watson™ and our proprietary machine learning layer, Mya understands concepts and entities while organizing them into Smart Checklists™ just like a human assistant.

What's next for Mya for Office365

Sparked from the Hack Productivity challenge, we're only getting started with Mya for Office365 - shared Mya checklists right from your inbox, drawing team-level analytics, relevance insights from email attachments and tapping into the Graph API to make stronger connections between peers and leaders.

More add-ins to assist in quicker research right from PowerPoint, Word and Excel workflows are also on the horizon.

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