Update 11/30/2015

We're excited to become part of the IBM Watson Ecosystem - a major product announcement is underway, as soon as we digest all this lovely turkey + stuffing + egg nog lattes from this past weekend! Stay tuned!!


When we're feeding curiosity, open search works great - e.g. "What day was Michael Jordan born on?".

However, when we need to find goal-specific knowledge, it's easy to get lost in a million browser tabs, dodging irrelevant ads and content, without really finding what's really relevant.

We all know search technology is super smart. But how we experience it is truly broken! Not all queries are equal, and when time matters, there's got to be a better way!!

Introducing Mya - a beautifully simple way to create powerful search checklists - for yourself, for team members, for your customers and more - so you can get results from sources that matter to you.

Context.IO App Challenge Inspiration

Email-based Scenarios Mya & Context.IO brings email as a knowledge source with relevant messages, people as well a state-of-the-art parser that incorporates content shared with you. Imagine the possibilities:

  • You're transitioning into a manager role: Wouldn't it be cool to see people and messages that can help you do that smoothly?
  • The "this is interesting" sender: We all have people that share useful links without any context. Mya & Context.IO are the perfect bridge to get you that context from from favorite, but incidental inbox spammers.
  • Your company is launching a new product: RSS Feeds are good, but there's so much more happening in your email inbox. Mya let's you track and build on keywords that hit your inbox!

What it does

Mya does one powerful thing - simplifies the search experience for all your knowledge needs.

  • Create checklists of topics that automatically figure out the best sources.
  • Share and purchase checklists from Mya's Marketplace: a super easy, yet powerful way to connect with brands, employers, managers and more!
  • Connect your email (powered with Context IO) and get relevant emails, and people you interact with. Follow specific senders to extract knowledge-triggers: keep up with that trendy chat with your boss!
  • Snooze links and emails to a future time that Mya's machine learning algorithms will gracefully figure out!

How I built it

  • Caffeine, pizza and inspiration from the real pain point of today's search experience
  • Huge shoutout to people at Context.IO, Parse and Firebase: made the application layer more cake than headache.

Challenges I ran into

  • Machine Learning all the way: buzz words aside, it's just the best way to make sense of nonsensical jargon
  • Keeping things simple: powerful tech like Context.IO's email api can open up a can of awesomeness and the infinitude of possibilities. That can also bring complex UX challenge. Keeping things simple was the utmost challenge.
  • Building a marketplace feature

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • The machine learning layer, Context.IO-integration and the simplicity of the UX.
  • Solving a real problem with search: both in personal and professional contexts.
  • Not forcing value because "It's cool"; rather building it to a space that's lacking innovation - knowledge discovery & management.

What I learned

  • Iteration is a good thing.
  • Before teaching the user a new behavior, we need to learn their current ones.

What's next for Mya

  • Over 20 authenticated providers (e.g. Dropbox, Salesforce, etc) are all connected, but we're cleaning up some last bits of testing.
  • Roll out the "Marketplace Seller" feature to allow users to create, submit & analyze checklists to Mya's Marketplace.
  • We'll be pitching to enterprises, brands and experts to start creating simple checklists and help spread their brand, value and more
  • We're looking to raise capital and partnerships to help us scale marketing and reach - more checklists, more value (build out the Marketplace).

NOTE: This is a completely new build and release of Mya, publicly released first and specifically for this contest after integrating Context.IO api, alongside a major overhaul of UI. There are 21 users in the system currently, all for the purposes of testing

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posted an update

We're excited to become part of the IBM Watson Ecosystem - a major product announcement is underway, as soon as we digest all this lovely turkey + stuffing + egg-nog lattes from this past weekend! Stay tuned!!

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