This project was inspired by the United Nations sustainable development goals. We shouldn't rely only on big organizations to take care of the world. We have the power to make a difference individually, which makes a huge impact collectively.

What it does

my6footprint is an app which helps you track you carbon emissions on a daily basis. Depending on where you live and how densely populated it is, every person on the world is assigned a daily carbon allowance in order to live sustainably. Whenever you drive your car around, your carbon allowance is automatically updated and added into the app. Living in a sustainable way like this helps make the world livable for future generations to come.

How I built it

The backend to manage users and data was built using Ruby on Rails providing an API to the frontend swift app. Also, there was machine learning used to analyze past trends, and calculate future allowances to maintain a sustainable environment.

Challenges I ran into

Biggest challenge we had to overcome was that our logic for the swift code was not working properly and after hours of debugging we realized that we had an issue with inheritance and threading.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

We are proud of being able to successfully complete this project in 24 hours. It was a big task but the backend, front end and machine learning all worked out in time

What I learned

We learned a lot about parsing API data in swift. Also, there was a lot of research done into using the best model for predicting future trends.

What's next for my6footprint

The next step for my6footprint would be to complete user authentication setup and have users actually be accountable for their carbon emissions

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