My Skill and What Inspired Me

My Work-from-Home Coach provides time-tested strategies to help you successfully deal with the challenges that come with working-from-home. I was inspired to develop My Work-from-Home Coach by the challenges I've faced working-from-home as well as by my experience running collaborative technology workshops to coach leaders of geographically-distributed and completely virtual teams and writing about virtual communities and technologies.

How I Built My Skill

I built My Work-from-Home Coach by developing a json problem database, which includes a work-from-home problem with a strategy to address each problem. I then developed a node.js script with a WFHStrategy intent that uses the json problem database. The node.js script also includes the built-in Help, Stop, and Cancel intents. I set up a lambda function on the AWS console to run the node.js script.

My Biggest Challenge and What I Learned

The biggest challenge I faced was making the coaching strategies easily understandable in a short spoken description. I learned to express strategies in a concise, actionable way to help people address the challenges they face when they are working-from-home.

What I Accomplished and What I'm Planning Next

I'm excited to have developed my first Alexa skill and hope that My Work-from-Home Coach will help people address the challenges they face when working-from-home. This is just the start of what I am planning for My Work-from-Home Coach. Based on my distributed and virtual team workshops, I have many more strategies that I will be adding to My Work-from-Home Coach in the near future. Planned enhancements to My Work-from-Home Coach also include habit formation techniques, based on current research by Charles Duhigg, Gretchen Rubin, and others.

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