My Wanderlust


A few buddies got together and had an crazy impromptu idea of drive down from SF to LA for the weekend. We managed to scrape by some last minute accomodation and transport, but found it difficult to plan activities for the trip. We did a simple google search for the top destinations to hit and tried to cover as much as we could, which took a lot of effort and planning that we would've liked for an inpromptu trip. Furthermore, only at the end of the trip did we manage to talk to some of the locals at LA and realised that we missed all the good stuff that is not very tourist ridden.

What it does

My Wanderlust helps you to plan your itinerary based on reviews on Yelp and the constraints of your travel - duration and location. It also goes the extra mile of planning a route for you to take, accounting for meals at reputable restaurants as well.

How we built it

We used the maps functionality of HERE to plot our geocodes and route our travels. Yelp provided us with reliable reviews and suggestions on places to hit for the day.

Challenges we ran into

HERE API was not easy to integrate.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Getting the HERE API to work with the Yelp API.

What we learned

Suggestions are hard to filter by convenience and practicality

What's next for My Wanderlust

User customization. Better reviews and suggestions for the ultimate impromptu trip.

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