I was inspired by how university students are so hardworking and how they should relax sometimes. As a high school student myself, I think that we all need a break sometimes, and myUni is the perfect website for that!

What it does

MyUni includes an assortment of games including: Magin 8 Ball, a to-do list, a brick ball game, and the famous flappy bird game. It also has internship choices/recommendations, calendar and clock pages (for those who like to be organized and time-oriented), and a warm discussion page where students can post kind messages for people to see school-wide. It really just creates that cozy and friendly atmosphere that we need, especially now more than ever with virtual learning.

How we built it

I started with an HTML/CSS websites using JavaScript for interactions, and then added some python extensions. When I was done, I wanted to elevate it and give it that extra edge, so I added a PHP login/signup page using the xampp server.

Challenges we ran into

A big challenge was making the server work and have it running because it did take some time to connect the HTML files as well.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I'm really proud that I created this entire website, along with its assortment of games and extensions, successfully in this hackathon! There were times where I felt like giving up, but I'm so glad I finished it in time. :)

What we learned

I learned how to successfully connect the database to my PHP admin, which is what stored the username and password for each user.

What's next for myUni

I'm excited to see it flourish into something more expansive as it is used by more and more schools. I'm hoping to add some more interactive parts where students can message and collaborate on there as well!

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