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There are too few faculty members in CS department that it is impossible to take classes nowadays.

What it does

This app communicates with UCI web server every minute to check the availability of the class and lets you know when it becomes available! This app is free to use and you can use it with as many classes as you want! Alternative solutions cost money because of their project's weight. We focused on building a lightweight project which can more efficiently and effectively meet the goals of the users.

How We built it

We started from sample programs such as sample project using Flask which allowed us to start building and getting feedback right away. Then, we customized the sample project by adding additional functions, building our own database for our class, user, follow activities, implementing other web development features.

Challenges I ran into

We had to struggle so much trying to remind ourselves of the programming languages we barely used. Also, we did not have enough time to be able to expand our program to something much greater with only two group members.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

JP: This is my first ever web app ever deployed! Yang: This is the app I hope I could use to enroll in FULL UCI classes. After talking to friends with our app, all of us like this app. It has a specific targeted user groups and the feedback we got after talking to the user group is great! Every quarter, popular classes are quickly filled with students. The rest of students needs to refresh web pages over and over again to monitor the availability of the classes. When it comes the situation that the fulled classes are major-required or department-required classes (which is highly likely the reason why students compete to enroll), our app could be a life saver for UCI students who eagerly needs instant update for the availability of classes. All in all, I love our app!

What I learned

We learned:

  • implementation of Python sqlite3 database
  • web application in Python, flask environment
  • processing of HTML website
  • deployment our web app on Bluemix Besides, we refreshed our memory on programming languages and database.

What's next for My UCI Class is Full

We want to provide help for students who don't end up taking the classes they want to take, since the number of people who actually take the occasional empty spots is very small. We aim to write additional program to plan out their future course work that helps them graduate by the time they want, by providing the best possible set of classes they can take during the current quarter, with remainder of classes.

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