Globally the aging population is on the rise and there are millions of people who are living their retired life after bringing in successful generations around a variety of industries, organizations and households! No matter what their age is, definitely the elderly population is one of the most respectable populations and they deserve something entertaining, something supportive and something to keep themselves active and stay well beyond their age!

What it does

My Thirty Seconds - Seniors is a hand-picked game collection especially crafted for seniors to enhance motor skills while keeping them motivated and engaged!

Just take a moment and try some games with My Thirty Seconds - Seniors! You can try My thirty seconds as per one's convenience, sitting on a chair or couch or even at bed! Just have your paper and pen by your side! If you are interested in listening to radios and trying to do things, then I am sure you will love playing with My Thirty Seconds - Seniors! It's super simple to use and highly interactive! Encourages you only to listen and try the games! No graphics or complicated navigations, no need to even walk to the device to the touch controls, all you can control is just by your Voice, work from your brain and play in your notepad! My Thirty Seconds - Seniors is a super positive and motivating companion to make you play and stay healthy with even while you are alone!

My Thirty Seconds Seniors helps you to be active and challenge yourself in doing things in just half a minute! Right now, My thirty seconds- Seniors, comprises so many small games and prompts which makes you as a senior to think about it and write or draw within 30 seconds. Based on your scores of how many you did within 30 seconds, Alexa will tell you how good your scores are!

Whenever you feel bored or feel like playing some games or trying something new while you are at home or while riding in a car or with friends, just give My Thirty Seconds - Seniors a try! All you need is just 30 Seconds and your curiosity!

Just give it a try by,

"Enable the Skill, "My Thirty Seconds-Seniors" in your Alexa Devices. Just Say... Alexa, Open My Thirty Seconds Seniors. Listen to the games and start doing it within 30 seconds. Challenge yourself and see how many you could be able to do within 30 seconds! Once skill is enabled users could be able to play and try so many 30 seconds games in all your Echo Devices.

Kindly leave your ratings and reviews which would be helpful in shaping My Thirty Seconds - Seniors! Would love to hear which games you loved and which one you enjoyed playing and which games you are proud of. You could also share with your friends and family!

How we built it

My thirty Seconds Seniors is the variation of my app my thirty seconds which is applicable for kids and grown-ups to enhance one's time management skills! But with respect to My thirty Seconds Seniors, each and every game has been crafted to be more inclusive and more friendly to be in a motivating manner and in a non-competitive way! Just encourages the seniors to be active and keep trying to bring back their paper pen games and giving their hands and brain a great work-out yet in a simple way!

My Thirty Seconds Seniors has been built by Brainstorming as well as researching ideas, learning, trial and errors, creating curated lists of games and finally crafting it to be senior friendly by making it interactive and motivating!

My Thirty Seconds Seniors has been created with 3 categories like writing pack, categories pack and drawing pack with In-Skill Purchasing that offers premium paid content for customers and is available for purchase. The games catalog and categories are expanding and at present there are 100+ games to try with!

Challenges we ran into

The games listed have to be crafted thinking the seniors in mind and how they would be thinking of this game and whether it would be helpful to give them a hint to start with or the scores and the comments will be encouraging enough to them to try! Handling and addressing these kinds of questions led to multiple revisions and it all ended up in shaping the product very well making it more friendly! The score count and the response to provide how good their scores have been handled by creating separate intents for each as slots didn't work as expected!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

It's really proud to see how easy to use, just with the power of voice and more inclusive game for seniors is My Thirty Seconds Seniors!

What we learned

Making simpler and more user-friendly!

What's next for My Thirty Seconds - Seniors

More Categories like Wellness focusing on crafting games encouraging simple movements and mini exercise games to try, play and be healthy.

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