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Sometimes I hear my phone's notification ring, but I don't want to get my phone. That's why I combined Alexa with Telegram Messenger (

What it does

You can send Telegrams and listen to new Telegrams with Alexa.

How I built it

Django, Angular, ASK Python SDK, ElasticBeanstalk (AWS)

Challenges I ran into

*Setting up account linking

*Getting the phone number of the user. The provided slot for from Amazon (AMAZON.PhoneNumber) only works in US. I want to publish the skill also in my native language (German).

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

*Setting up account linking.

*Integrating the Telegram API into my backend and therefore making it available not only for Alexa but also e.g.: Google Home.

*Setting up a server with frontend / backend + database.

What I learned

*Network protocols / Server setup

*Django + Angular Frameworks

*Boostrap, CSS

*AWS (lambda functions, Elastic Beanstalk, Route 53, RDS,... )

*Improvements in Python and Typescript

*Learning a lot about Coding in general

*Design guidelines for voice

*Almost all the features the ASK Pyhton SDK has to offer except persistence with DynamoDB, because I use my own database

What's next for My Telegrams

Hopefully Amazon provides me access to the Push API. Then Alexa would make a notification sound every time the user gets a telegram. How cool would that be. And then just do: Alexa whats new? --> You got new Telegrams from ...

What I just thought of: If the user recently (10 minutes or smth) used the skill and he didn't receive a new Telegram the launch intent should be something like that: "Welcome ... do you want to send a Telegram to #newest_conversation#?" Yeah.. that would be better

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