We thought that creating a card game with Alexa, and having Alexa act as a psychic, could be entertaining

What it does

With this skill, a user can choose 6 tarot cards from their own physical deck, and tell Alexa the cards. Alexa will then give a tarot card reading based on those 6 cards.

How we built it

We used the Alexa developer console. We created a proof of concept project in Python, and added QR code reading functionality. We wanted to incorporate the QR code reading into our skills, but the camera functionality is limited to motion detection.

Challenges we ran into

Displaying the images of the cards onto the screen of a physical device or an emulator

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Alexa can interact with the user, and can process receiving input of 6 cards from the user.

What we learned

How to build an Alexa skill, intents, lambda functions, json, porting from one system from another (python to Alexa)

What's next for My Tarot Card

Presenting the selected tarot cards on the screen, and improving Alexa's fortune telling capabilities

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