Before the hackathon, one of us (Jordan) had built a simple command-line time-tracking tool to record when and what he studied. Our team thought, "let's turn this into a full-blown multi-user web app, allowing users to find study partners based on their study habits! We'll call it Study Lab"

What it does

Study Lab gives students the ability to record the start and stop times of their study sessions along with a description of what they worked on. Then, it analyzes and visualizes their study habits, allowing them to quantitatively understand how they learn.

How I built it

We extended Jordan's existing api to handle multiple users and built a front-end from scratch tailored to data visualization.

Challenges I ran into

Achieving smooth integration of our front-end data analysis framework with the back-end api was an ongoing challenge as they were developed in simultaneously, each being partially incomplete for most of the weekend.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Assembling a four-person group in which each hacker could meaningfully contribute to the final result.

What I learned

That communication is paramount to group success

What's next for Study Lab

Finish adding functionality that was planned during the hackathon but which the time-gods did not allow us to complete.

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