My name is Laurence Wingo and I’m the CEO of Maw and Paw ATL.

My Grandmother was the breadwinner of our family and also the educator of how to live properly through exercise and eating the right things even while living as a diabetic. As she reached older years of age, she needed someone to chauffeur her around town primarily for Church and Sunday dinner. As an obedient child, we would pick her favorite restaurants to dine in while traveling. Her favorites were The Varsity, Picadilly, or even just Burger King to have a conversation about how to handle my own business. With today's social and economical issues, I wish there was something I use for helping her live longer.

What it does

What I’m building this weekend at Hack GT is an app called My-Spot. My-Spot will save billions in health care dollars by providing technology to fetch better dining decisions while in synch with real-time continuous glucose monitors. My-Spot provides real-time blood glucose calculations to calculate meal recommendations based on a users desired cuisine choice and current glucose level. Users can also earn insurance points which can be redeemed as discounts at the recommended restaurants. Earning insurnace points happens by completing actionable exercise events which can be tracked through the app.

How I built it

I built this application using Apple frameworks available on the device such as Core Bluetooth, UIKit, MapKit, and Core Location. Majority of the work completed today has been towards changing the user interface of both the website and the app in order to create a prototype.

Challenges I ran into

Learning how to condense my idea in order to create a strong 60 second elevator pitch. Also reminding myself that sleep is a good thing while trying to work during great workshops!

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I'm proud that I was able to genuinely connect with representatives of a health tech company called Anthem. I've written this goal down repeatedly so to me, it is a big deal. Also I'm proud of myself for comping up with new ideas each time I sat down to work. That's invigorating.

What I learned

I learned how insurance companies work in terms of the bigger picture for all physicians, patients, hospitals, and the government. It's nice to be a part of a huge cash flow ecosystem.

What's next for My-Spot

I plan on presenting this during an event on next Tuesday at Morehouse College within the Entrepreneurial and Innovation resource group.

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