We wanted to create an interactive user experience that could be used as an education tool. Spelling is a skill that can only be properly practiced verbally, so the idea was to help with self-teaching and practice with spelling

What it does

We made an Alexa skill to test your spelling. This gives the option to take a spelling test that tests you on a variety of words and keeps a track of how many words you get correct in a row. It also gives you the option to be tested on a word of your choice.

How I built it

We built this with the AWS Alexa Skill kit, through AWS and use of Python

Challenges I ran into

Unfamiliarity with Alexa skill kit, which caused some delays and blockages.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We mastered a new skill in a short amount of time. We have created something that works and have a better understanding of how to use Alexa.

What I learned

How to create an Alexa skill. The importance of planning and modularity.

What's next for My Spelling Bee

Give users the option to create their own dictionary and store words that they would like to be tested on. Also give people the option to be tested on a particular subject by getting words from the wikipedia page or similar on that topic and testing them on that. For example "test me on astrophysics".

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