Our motivation and inspiration comes from our regular frustrating procedure to collect our medical     reports after giving the samples and revisiting the hospital for the consultation of doctor.

Another hectic thing is that, it is so difficult to keep the records of our medical reports by our own.

What it does

This is an web based centralized application for any medical laboratory.

  • Identify its used between Lab assistant and Patient
  • Accepts and store medical reports
  • Provides AI powered analysis according to reports on users dashboard
  • Can be extended into a fitness tracker

How we built it


  • Frontend on React
  • Backend on NodeJS
  • Database on Postgresql
  • Machine Learning Model using python
  • Model Deployment using Fast API

Challenges we ran into

Development is always a challenging task, Some common problems we faced were:

  • CORS error
  • Low Machine Learning Model Accuracy
  • Connection problems with Database

Accomplishments that we're proud of

In such a short time frame, we are able to brainstorm this idea of integrating AI models into web based health application which can directly impact the life as patient.

What we learned

A lot of things Majorly,

  • Team Work/Collaboration
  • Time Management and Task delegation
  • Problem solving and software engineering practices

What's next for My Smart Lab

This idea of integrating AI models into aspects of health, it has a lot of potential as an innovative idea. There are few things listed as future features:

  • Real Time chat with doctors or AI
  • Proper archive for personal heath reports
  • Fitness Tracker and daily activities recommender
  • Report diagnosis with Image Processing using CNN and ANN
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