We created My SilverBuddy because two of our three groupmates have an older sister that is enrolled at UMD. When we first got here we went in one of the dorms that has only a bedroom and a bathroom. We thought about the layout of these dorms and how there was no kitchen. This probably led to eating meals off campus on numerous occasions, which indicated the SPENDING of money off campus on numerous occasions. That prompted us to think about how often college students were spending their money, in what form they were spending it (Credit, Debit, Cash), and how much they had to spend (Salary) .

What it does

This app is targeted towards High School, Undergraduate, and Postgraduate students that have items to pay for and need assistance in keeping track of the money they spend monthly The main purpose is to assist students in saving money It really helps to inform people about how much money they use on a daily basis and how much should be using per day It can also help to create an idea of how much millennials are spending monthly If students see a huge spike in their spendings: Students know they overspent their budget Students know something is wrong and they can call their banking company

How we built it

We started off figuring out Python and finished the coding for the complete script around midnight. Then it was translated to Javascript which was tweaked bit by bit for the HTML to being suited to what we had time for.

Challenges we ran into

JAVASCRIPT While using JavaScript we encountered many difficulties, not only because it was our first time using JavaScript but because our group members had to learn how to troubleshoot in order to test our program.

PYTHON 3.6.3 While using Python, although we had less difficulty with python than JavaScript we still found syntax errors that were really hard to find, especially when tired, and trying to test our program for many different situations.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We spent countless hours trying to learn how to code and troubleshoot in JavaScript which was a new language for all of our team members. We were extremely proud because all of our team members had to adapt to a new language quickly.

What we learned

We learned to use cookies in Javascript (1 of the coders had never used Javascript or Python) and our coders who had never written in code before quickly adapted and ended up accomplishing alot in a limited amount of time.

What's next for My SilverBuddy

Mobile App - Runs on Cellular Data Quiz result details occur Monthly Budget Projection Weekly Budget Projection Daily Budget Projection Spending Graphs and Charts Similar Spending Feature: If the app records you’ve never bought a TV before and a purchase for a TV shows up then you will be notified of the unusual purchase Interactive Quiz and Spending Tips Less Hassle - User Interface is easier to interact with

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