In the forum I saw a lot of question on the stock management and my wife has a store as well. Indded she needs an easy tools to manage her stocks. To get quick information I believe Airtable is the solution and it is accessible to all the users, with different permission. So I use this oportunity to create the Block, and I put myself in the place of novice users who are managing a small and medium store.

What it does

My Stock Block manage the stock of a store and can be shared to all the users of the company : store manager, seller, procurement and finance team. You can see all the stocks, check specific information for an items and create a KPI to check on live that everything is OK. There are 3 types of KPI :

  • hard coded KPI for the alert of low stock and high value store
  • one personalized KPI created manually with one table
  • one personalized Vertical Lookup KPI created with one button

How I built it

  • Interface : Airtable and Blocks SDK
  • Language : REACT, Javascript and CSS
  • Tools : Visual Studio Code
  • Time : night and during the weekend but never under pressure
  • Food : milk and coffe, sometime a beer and always with a lot of fun

Challenges I ran into

I didn't know the REACT, so I must read and try a lot before to understand how it works. Also, as I was a novice in Airtable I face some difficulties . For instance I had to link the tables together specially when I want to show the Max/Min of the fields from another table. At the end I add all the records from other table manually, and it took time. Because of that, I add the KPI Vlookup that find a field based on condition Max, Min or Median.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

To be able to close my project, even I know that the Block can be improved base of the specific need. It is a good start, and as the code is accessible to everybody, it is possible to add new module and option.

What I learned

I learn how to use Airtable and the limit of the soft. Also I learn the REACT language.

What's next for My Shop Block

My Stock Block has the basic usage for now. It can evolve a lot, but it will depend to the need of the business. Probably the usage of the block will create opportunity to develop the Block. the development can be done directly by the company them self if they have resource for it. It is also possible I continue to develop the module / option if the company contact me.

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