Many of our friends and family members wanted to get a help from mental health experts but was not able to do so due to increased number of patients. We wanted to make an application to help anybody who needs research-based self-care.

What it does

Our app will guide users to practice self-distanced writing by giving feedback to their submission. It will make sure the users do correct self-distancing so that they can get the benefit of it (i.e., 1) increased emotional control 2) decreased inter-personal conflict 3) increased problem-solving).

How we built it

We used NextJS, Vercel, Typescript, Styled-Components, and React-Hook-Form

Challenges we ran into

  • Doing everything remotely for the first hackathon.
  • Coming up with ideas and scope small enough to be able to get done within a constrained time

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are happy that we could successfully provide feedback, which was the most critical part of our application idea.

What we learned

  • learned a lot about Auth0, Vercel, and NextJS

What's next for My Self Distancing Diary

We would like to add log in function as well as data visualization function. Log in function will enable users to keep track of their diary. Also, the data visualization function will summarize the common themes or emotions that are mentioned in the writing. I think it will be even better to show the users their change in their write-ups as they are engaging in self-distancing.

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