Seagrass condition is degrading due to Climate Changes, Climate change is a problem that is facing the whole world. Climate change is the impact of the Era development, with equipment and processes that release carbon. Abundance of carbon dioxide and with activity illegal logging, so that the carbon absorbing element drecreases. Because of the problem, Earth's temperature is getting warmer, causing other problems for nature and humans.

Therefore, we encourage people to conserve seagrass through this application.

What it does

This application is a story map on sea grass in Sabu Island, Indonesia.

How we built it

Built using arcgis online and qgis for survey.

Challenges we ran into

this is something new from us so we have a little problem when we create story map.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

we are proud to complete this project and compete with the best

What we learned

we learn as a team we have to work together with each other in order to complete this project within the specified time

What's next for My Seagrass Project

Next we want to try to make a seagrass story map of Indonesia

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