STEM Mentorships for All

The Spark! Fellowship program is dedicated to catalyzing Boston University student innovators passionate about solving problems through technology. As a Spark! Innovation Fellow, I led the development of the first online research mentorship platform for Latin American High School Students.

The Challenge

School Students in Latin America face hardships while conducting research and lack access to research mentorship and resources. This causes students to become discouraged from pursuing research or showcasing it in science competitions and conferences.


The My Science Guide app matches students to mentors based on their research interests, experience level, and language. Students and mentors can then connect, learn more about their backgrounds, and chat to share advice, guidance, and feedback on their research journey.

Code Development

My Science Guide was developed using React Native to cater to a diverse range of devices used in Latin America. I developed the Front- End of the application, working through different device sizes and requirements. Development was structured in weekly sprints, where each developer was tasked with implementing one user story into the application.

Launch & Future Development 🚀

Originally planned for a full launch in May 2020, the COVID-19 Pandemic limited our ability to conduct user testing with students using the final app. We pivoted to launching a beta for students and teachers through TestFlight. The app is currently being tested on iOS and stated for a soft-launch in Puerto Rico this Summer!

The My Science Guide Team

I didn’t build this app alone! I owe it all to the amazing My Science Guide team. Special thanks to the Spark! Fellowship instructors, STEM organizations, and communities that made this app possible!

  • Gagandeep Kang (Software Developer)
  • Eunice Choi (Software Developer)
  • Weiqian Zhang (Designer)
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