As a kid, I remember that getting organised for school in the morning was difficult. I'd be late for school getting stuff ready, and would end up forgetting things. Manual to-do lists had to be rewritten every day. My School Routine prepares a checklist for me in the morning, and makes sure I get enough sleep.

What it does

My School Routine checks the user is getting enough sleep, and provides constructive sleeping tips if they're not, as sleeping is the most important thing if you want to do well at school the next morning. It also gives the child an inspirational quote in the morning, and then provides the school checklists. It works with Kid's Hub, a skill I'm working on (a collection of kids activities like pictionary, charades, true or false and rock paper scissors etc) to occupy them once they're ready.

How I built it

Like many others, I used using a blockly code style.

Challenges I ran into

Coming up with an appropriate skill title / invocation name was difficult as I wasn't sure which would be better - My School Life, My School Routine, or My School Mornings. Eventually I chose the second one as it displayed the skill's function and have relatively good SEO. Creating a privacy policy and terms and conditions was difficult too.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Getting a skill published!

What I learned

Creating terms and conditions and privacy policies, as well as SSML.

What's next for My School Routine

Expansion and more integration with Kid's Hub

Built With

  • storyline
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