This app was inspired by a real issue we face at our high school. Us being a small school (<170 total students), a lot of people IOU at the school lunches, which are student organized and not outsourced to a catering company. It becomes difficult sometimes for the council to get their money back. Another thing is that we conduct a lot of events, go to a lot of places, etc. If we set up one student system that could show all the events that the school is officially participating in, debt the student owes from lunches and other events, and have the student's full details to ensure that the student pays them back.

What it does

My School Account first uses a registration to register each student, with their information of graduation, ID, etc. It uses a Linode web server. Then, MongoDB is connected to the Linode server, in order for easy data storage and capability of fast retrieval of the data. Then, the data can be used in a web interface to show the names of the students.

How I built it

Used flask, Linode, Python, MongoDB, HTML/CSS. Used Linode to run web servers and a simple server to host the website itself. The servers are written in Python. MongoDB is connected to Linode and acts as the data storage method.

Challenges I ran into

All these were brand new languages and tools to me and had a high learning curve, thus they posed a challenge to myself and my team members.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Group and I are novice hackathon attendees, and we learned an entirely new language (python) as well as new tools (MongoDB, Linode, and Flask) to make a functional application.

What I learned

Python, MongoDB, Flask, Linode, advanced CSS.

What's next for My School Account

Eventually the ability to hand in cash in exchange for credit towards lunches of which the balance shows up on the site and app (coming soon!) will display, we felt it would greatly enhance our school experience. And it's not just for that. Any school can use it by simply setting up the server (Linode) and database (MongoDB) and edit the visuals of the site source code a little to add their own symbols. Also use a QR system similar to Snapchat to authorize the purchases and check in when buying a lunch or using an IOU via the mobile app. Can login via desktop to also notify of purchase.

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