I was inspired by the responses I received from broadcasters on Reddit, they wanted a way to easily create, edit and display schedules for their live streams, some broadcaster use an image in the panels section to link to google calendar, but a better way would be to display a dynamic schedule right in the panel section, this schedule would not only let broadcasters plan their events but also allow them to get feedback from viewers on specific events through polls and suggestions.

What it does

My Schedule is a scheduling extension that allows broadcasters to create interactive schedules for their streams. What makes this scheduling extension unique is that it also allows the viewers to participate by providing feedback on specific events through polls and suggestion, it also allows the streamer to earn bits from viewers as they vote and send suggestions. The broadcaster creates a schedule from the configuration panel and can also attach polls to it. Attaching polls to events will be useful as it would allow the broadcaster to get the viewers opinion on specific events, for example, a broadcaster can create a poll for tomorrow and ask, "Which Game Should I play?", or poll viewers to get a response for the best time to stream on a specific day, because times zones different and a streamer will what to stream at the right time, the polling feature can be used in so many other scenarios. The other cool feature this extension has is that it allows viewers to use bits to send suggestions on specific events. broadcasters can customize the color of the panel to suit the brand.

How I built it

The backend was built on AWS lambda with NodeJS and the schedule data gets stored in AWS DynamoDB. The frontend was built with HTML and Query and a CSS library called Bulma.

Challenges I ran into

Getting started with Twitch developer-rig was a bit of a challenge it is still in beta but I see it getting better in the future.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Building a useful tool for the twitch community.

What I learned

I learned a lot about twitch extensions.

What's next for My Schedule

For the future, I plan to add more customization options and get feedback from users on what they would like to see from this extension.

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