Carpooling applications has been successful in industrialized countries, because of the high security. But in other countries, has not been very popular due to the insecurity prevailing. My Ride is designed to share your route only with people your trust and is focused on short trips for workers and students.

What it does

My Ride provides the necessary tools for each college or company has its own carpooling application, It's focuses on car sharing between persons of the same college or company.

MyRide has an algorithm that detects trips near to you in a radius!

The application uses Email Authentication, and all people with the same email domain can view the routes and make bookings!

For example Charlie goes to work everyday in his car and John needs ride

1) Charlie offer new ride in the app.

2) John searches nearby trips and found Charlie ride.

3) John sends booking to Charlie.

4) Charlie accepts the booking.

5) John looks the ride in his map.

6) Charlie looks the passengers in his map.

How I built it

Android Studio IDE.

Android Design Support Library for Material Design.

Parse Backend with Push Notification.

Google Maps.

Google Places.

Picasso, Retrofit y OkHttp.

Dagger2 y Butterknife.

Challenges I ran into

Design an Algorithm for get nearby trips.

Keep the application looking "clean" and "simple"

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I finished the application, and It's ready for the google play market.

What I learned

Google Places Geo Data API for Android to provide autocomplete suggestions.

Google Map API for write routes.

What's next for My Ride

In-app Subscriptions.

Drivers Ranking.

Forgot Password.

And More!

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