Inspiration was our itself. Since its New year so we all have a resolution in mind that we want to follow the whole year. But we sometimes don't follow. So, to make that happen we created an app that can help all of us to stay on with their resolution!

What it does

Our app does following things now:

  • Keeps all record of resolution
  • Stores activities performed on daily basics
  • Tracks your location to keep you on track!
  • Shows how good are you with your resolution by showing you progress
  • Provides score when completed

How I built it

We built this app with Android studio and website with html, css. First I(Dishant) started with GUI building for app. Then we distributed our work to do it. Then everyone started building different sections of app While building them some of our teams were beginners for android and website too. So, we searched on google and guide to built the whole app at this stage. Android app was built using kotlin language and xml with login to home page with almost all features Ryan made a cool Splash screen and Settings page in app Keshav and akanksha publish website which was created by Akanksha

Challenges I ran into

Challenges we ran were

  • Some were Beginners so it took time for them to learn and cop-up fast
  • We thought to use Radar io but lack of proper docs we weren't able to do that.
  • For me(Dishant) it was first time using location in any app so it took time
  • A teammate was too beginner in website than too she created a cool website! -Time difference was a major challenge. To sort the problem of 12hrs difference, we divided our work amongst each of the members according to their skills and combined everything at the end!

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am proud to be in a team and complete this app at this particular stage. Teammate were really awesome and learning things fast that too I am proud of. It was first time teaming so great experience

What I learned

  • Team handling😅
  • Team Work 💪
  • Enhanced our skills with Web development
  • Google Maps API
  • Android app with maps
  • Adding leaderboard
  • by documentation (somewhat)
  • GoDaddy

What's next for

Future plans are:

  • Add Notifications when gone to fast food outlet
  • Track steps for fitness
  • Use Artificial intelligence to recommend most beneficial resolutions for the user and society!
  • Keep an eye on calorie consumption and recommend ways to burn excessive calories!
  • Automate Task completion!
  • Publish on Play store!
  • Introduce the project to other platforms like iOS for ease of users and to target a large audience!
  • Make website with all functionalities.
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