A lot of useful information is shared across all teams in various channels through email & chat at work and this information overload makes it hard to organize things that can be useful at a different time. The idea is to organize this data by groups/teams people work on, and also provide an individual list for bookmarking.

What it does

The app creates a virtual library of the useful information shared across the slack users & channels.

A user can bookmark a URL for personal use or for a given team/channel. This will persist this URL by adding it into a reading list, that can be consumed at any point later with a simple slack command.

There are additional options for users, where each user can individually mark as read any of the URLs and also snooze them with a reminder to read later.

A sample use case: _ A new user joining a company or a different team in the company can retrieve a list of past bookmarked URLs during on-boarding. _

How I built it

Used Slack API, NodeJS & Javascript to build the application. The Slack API takes slash commands and sends outgoing commands to the NodeJS server, hosted on Google Cloud.

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