I was inspired to built My QuaRoutine by a paper goal tracker I've been using while in isolation. I wanted to give other the tools to keep track of their own goals, and help them understand what you actually can and can't do in lockdown.

What it does

My QuaRoutine allows users to create different types of goals. Users can mark goals as complete, and create goals for as far ahead in the future as they want. There are 3 types of goals:

  • Indoor goals
  • Outdoor goals
  • Shopping goal

This structure fits the daily life of being in lockdown very well, and when creating a specific goal, users are reminding of what they can and can't do. For instance, when creating an outdoor goal, users are reminded of the few specific cases (like being an essential employee) where this is actually allowed during lockdown.

How I built it

I built this using Google Flutter, with SQLite to handle saving user's goals to a database. I used Android studio as my editor.

Challenges I ran into

I planned on having the ability to create a shopping list, with a list of editable text fields that can be deleted and moved around, as well as marked as complete. There was no pre-built widgets for this, and it would just take too much time to do by myself.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I proud of being able to store user goals and track whether they've been completed. I don't think the UI is too bad either!

What I learned

I learned a lot more about Flutter than I previously knew - the sqflite library will surely come in handy in future projects, and I discovered a lot of widgets that make creating good UI's a breeze.

What's next for My QuaRoutine

In future, I hope My QuaRoutine can update it's lockdown advice based on what country the user is in. I also would like to fine tune the user interface, making it more fun and intuitive to use. A shopping list would be a good addition.

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